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Re: Bug#814743: [regression?] output of info --output without argument

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: Bug#814743: [regression?] output of info --output without argument
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2016 20:33:52 +0000

On 16 February 2016 at 07:38, Gavin Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 15 February 2016 at 02:52, Vincent Lefevre <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> it seems that info 6.1 lost the ability to dump the start page
>>> into an output file:
>>>       $ info --output foobar coreutils
>>> properly dumps the coreutils page into foobar, but
>>>       $ info --output foobar
>>> does *not* dump the dir/root node.
>>> This breaks completion in some shells, as they use
>>>       info --output -
>>> to determine the possible nodes.
> I'm looking at it, but it will take me a few days to get around to it.

"info --output -" outputs the dir node in the latest revision (svn
revision 7022). However, the invocation of info is complex with
interactions among all the different possible options, and I can't
guarantee that all the combinations of options make sense or do the
right thing.

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