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Re: problem with texi2dvi from texinfo 6.1

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: problem with texi2dvi from texinfo 6.1
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 21:19:37 +0000

The log files you sent help a bit. They contain lines like:

    Package hyperref Warning: Rerun to get /PageLabels entry.

This explains why no "New xref files" messages are being printed by
texi2dvi: the function xref_files_changed in texi2dvi sees that text
in the log files and doesn't look in the log files. I don't have those
lines in my log files (maybe due to different versions of packages),
so what happens for me is different.

I still don't know where exactly texi2dvi is quitting in your case,
alas. Perhaps the output from

sh -x ./texi2dvi --verbose Rd2.tex >Rd2.trace

could help? I've attached what I got.

Also deleting chunks from the file to get a smaller file that gives
the same error can only help. (It would make the log files shorter and
possibly easier to spot what's wrong.)

NB I don't know if the problem is on my end or yours but I have awful
trouble reading emails with long logs in the body of the email: could
you try sending any long logs or output as attachments instead? That's
if you weren't doing that already and my mail reader (GMail web
interface) is displaying them inline).

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