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Re: GSoC 2016 Ideas

From: Per Bothner
Subject: Re: GSoC 2016 Ideas
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 12:18:00 -0800
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On 03/02/2016 12:07 PM, Matheus Souza Fernandes wrote:
Briefly, my proposal is build a platform to share tex templates trough git 
repositories. These repositories must follow a specific structure to be 
interpreted by the tool. And the template may have variables to facilitate for 
the final user.
The platform will have a command line interface, same as vagrant (vagrant init, 
up, add, etc...) and a web system that allows the user to see all the 
registered templates.

This project could join the GSoC with texinfo?

Feel free to write up a proposal.  Perhaps you might wow us with the idea.
However, I'm skeptical.  This does not sound like something for the texinfo 
You don't mention texinfo comes into your idea, or how it would benefit our 

So: most likely no.
        --Per Bothner
address@hidden   http://per.bothner.com/

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