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texinfo-6.3.91 pretest

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: texinfo-6.3.91 pretest
Date: Sat, 20 May 2017 17:58:34 +0100

The next pretest for the next Texinfo release has been uploaded to


Please send any comments to address@hidden

Changes since last pretest:
* A test that required a working TeX installation has been removed, as
this led to test failures on many platforms.
* A test of texi2any dealing with CR LF line endings that failed on
MS-Windows has been removed.
* Many of the messages from the "info" program have had periods from
their ends removed.
* The style variables for "info", like "link-style", can now be set by
the user while "info" is running.
* "info" now does not attempt any kind of conversion of CR LF line
endings, except on MS-DOS/Windows, when it is done unconditionally.
(This replaces a more complicated approach where this conversion would
take place if there was a problem finding a node in a file.) The main
effect of this change is that Info files with CR LF line endings,
which would have been produced on MS-DOS/Windows with old versions of
makeinfo, are only supported on such operating systems.
* The "gettext" module from Gnulib has been removed, as it is marked
as deprecated. gettext is imported into the sources separately from
gnulib. This should result in no change in user-visible behavior.
* Some fixes of typos/errors in the documentation.
* Some fixes of key bindings for "--vi-keys" mode of "info".
* A couple of other bug fixes in "info".
* A bug has been fixed in texinfo.tex which could lead to overflow of
the "save stack" within TeX for very long files.

See the NEWS file for more changes since the last release.

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