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some more little things about --vi-keys

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: some more little things about --vi-keys
Date: Sun, 21 May 2017 12:49:17 +0200

When doing 'info/ginfo doc/info-stnd.info cus inf'
it says:

    \xr     xref-item

I think that should be "^xr".

When the last line of the .infokey file does not end
in a newline, its contents are not processed.

Maybe bind ":1" and ":$" to beginning-of-node and

I think it would be nicer to list only the bindings that
actually mimic the behavior of vim.  So, not f and b and
d and u, but only ^f and ^v and ^d and ^u. And not ^j
nor ^m nor ^y, but just ^e and ^k.

But if you want to list all things that are actually
bound differently in vi mode, then maybe the extra
bindings after an "#additional bindings" comment line?

It would be better to list the bindings in some logical
order, and to put the most frequently used first.  So I
would suggest to put them in this order in one block:
^e  ^k  ^d  ^u  ^f  ^b  :$  :1  G  gg.
Then the next-node to dir-node ones in one block, as
it is now.  Then the rest, while trimming some duplicates.
And then after ZZ a block of #additional bindings.

Actually \kd and \ku do not mimic vim but less...  It's
too late to change now, but for someone familiar with vim
this might be... off-putting.

And finally, when it's not really possible to rebind ^c,
it's probably better to not list it there at all?


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