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Re: gt_INTL_MACOSX not defined by gettext.m4

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: gt_INTL_MACOSX not defined by gettext.m4
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2017 12:43:02 +0200
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Gavin Smith wrote:
> I ran gettextize again, but it didn't install the extra files:
> $   gettextize -f --po-dir=po --po-dir=po_document
> Copying file ABOUT-NLS
> Copying file build-aux/config.rpath
> Not copying intl/ directory.
> Copying file po/Makefile.in.in
> Copying file po/Makevars.template
> Copying file po/Rules-quot
> Copying file po/boldquot.sed
> Copying file po/address@hidden
> Copying file po/address@hidden
> Copying file po/insert-header.sin
> Copying file po/quot.sed
> Copying file po/remove-potcdate.sin
> Copying file po_document/Makefile.in.in
> Copying file po_document/Makevars.template
> Copying file po_document/Rules-quot
> Copying file po_document/boldquot.sed
> Copying file po_document/address@hidden
> Copying file po_document/address@hidden
> Copying file po_document/insert-header.sin
> Copying file po_document/quot.sed
> Copying file po_document/remove-potcdate.sin
> Copying file otherm4/gettext.m4
> Copying file otherm4/iconv.m4
> Copying file otherm4/lib-ld.m4
> Copying file otherm4/lib-link.m4
> Copying file otherm4/lib-prefix.m4
> Copying file otherm4/nls.m4
> Copying file otherm4/po.m4
> Copying file otherm4/progtest.m4
> Adding an entry to ChangeLog (backup is in ChangeLog~)

Ouch. This bug in 'gettextize' has been present since 2009 !!

Now fixed through 

Probably you were the first one to see this because most other users of
gettext are still using the obsolete 'gettext' module of gnulib.


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