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Re: user-defined html in navigation header/footer?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: user-defined html in navigation header/footer?
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 21:12:12 GMT

    ... api ...
    ... post-process the HTML files ...

Sure, but isn't this a basic enough feature to be worth providing in
Texinfo? I have always missed a link to package home pages from Texinfo
manual web pages.

    I'm not sure what the best way of achieving this is. 

Patrice, are you still there? Any advice?

    configuration variables like SECTION_BUTTONS but I'm not sure if these
    are user-settable

Indeed, seems not, since it is a Perl list ref. Cmdline option like
  -c SECTION_BUTTONS="Contents Index Foo"
results in the not-unexpected
  Can't use string ("Contents Index Foo") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" 
in use at /usr/local/gnu/share/texinfo/Texinfo/Convert/HTML.pm line 2187.
Surrounding with brackets makes no difference. I don't recall anything
in TP that will take a cmdling/conf string and treat it as an array ref
(not that that means it isn't there).


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