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please migrate to git

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: please migrate to git
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 11:27:04 +0100 (CET)


while trying to update lilypond's init script from texi2html version
1.82 to 5.0 – this is what distributions provide today – I wanted to
find out where function `get_index' was changed.  To get all changes
in the now obsolete texi2html directory I issued the following command
(I wasn't sure which files to track):

  cd trunk/texi2html
  svn log --diff -r "{2009-01-01}:{2018-11-19}" > ~/texi2html.changes

I started this command more than two hours ago and it is still
running!  Right now, the commits r2684 (2009-01-01) to r2933
(2009-11-23) are in the output file, which is currently 306MByte
large.  In other words, I get approx. two commits per minute with this
approach.  This is *incredibly* slow!

Is there a better solution than my naive approach?  Hopefully yes...

I must admit that I don't know the exaxt reasons why the above command
is so slow but I guess this is due SVN itself.  I've never experienced
such a poor performance with git on Savannah (only bzr was similarly
painful, as Emacs has demonstrated).

Given that Savannah provides git support and that it is rather easy to
import an SVN repository to git (using `git svn ...') I strongly
suggest to migrate to git.


PS: I know that I should ideally update to texi2any, but this needs a
    lot of spare time...

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