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Re: [platform-testers] texinfo-6.5.90 pretest on Solaris 10

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: [platform-testers] texinfo-6.5.90 pretest on Solaris 10
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 18:51:00 +0000
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On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 12:00:25AM +0100, Bruno Haible wrote:
> I wrote:
> > On a Solaris 10 machine (with GNU libiconv installed), the build
> > fails:
> > 
> > "../../../../../tp/Texinfo/XS/parsetexi/input.c", line 113: warning: no 
> > explicit type given
> > "../../../../../tp/Texinfo/XS/parsetexi/input.c", line 113: syntax error 
> > before or at: iconv_from_latin1
> This is fixed in texinfo-6.5.91. Now, this build succeeds. But 20
> tests failed in tp/tests/. It starts with
> FAIL: test_scripts/nested_formats_texi_nested_formats.sh
> ========================================================
> ../../../tp/tests/run_parser_all.sh[361]: 27268 Segmentation Fault(coredump)
> F: nested_formats//out_parser/texi_nested_formats/nested_formats.2
> And there is a 'core' dump file left over by 'perl'.
> $ file core
> core:           ELF 32-bit LSB core file 80386 Version 1, from 'perl'
> $ perl --version
> This is perl, v5.8.4 built for i86pc-solaris-64int

Thanks for testing this.

You could do "gdb perl core" with the core file, and give the "bt" 
command to gdb to get a stack trace.  This should show where in the 
extension modules something is going wrong.  If there are no debugging 
symbols, then you would have to run "configure" again with 
PERL_EXT_CFLAGS containing -g.

Is it possible for you to send the contents of 
the file 
tp/tests/nested_formats//out_parser/texi_nested_formats/nested_formats.2 ?
(This is possibly just the message saying that there was a seg fault.)

You could also export TEXINFO_XS=debug and run one of the test scripts, 
e.g. test_scripts/nested_formats_texi_nested_formats.sh from within the 
tp/tests directory.  (This is easier to do if you configured in-source: 
otherwise you have set a whole load of environment variables for this to 
work.)  This will definitely lead to a failed test but there might be 
useful information in nested_formats//diffs/texi_nested_formats.diff or
nested_formats//out_parser/texi_nested_formats/nested_formats.2, e.g.:

checking ../../tp/Texinfo/XS/parsetexi/MiscXS.la
checking ../../tp/Texinfo/XS/MiscXS.la
found ../../tp/Texinfo/XS/MiscXS.la
../../tp/Texinfo/XS/.libs/MiscXS.so loaded
looking for boot_Texinfo__MiscXSXS
trying to call boot_Texinfo__MiscXSXS...
attempting to override Texinfo::Convert::Unicode::unicode_text with 
checking ../../tp/Texinfo/XS/parsetexi/Parsetexi.la
checking ../../tp/Texinfo/XS/Parsetexi.la
found ../../tp/Texinfo/XS/Parsetexi.la
Parsetexi: couldn't find Parsetexi.so
falling back to pure Perl module
attempting to override Texinfo::Parser::_merge_text with 
attempting to override Texinfo::Parser::_abort_empty_line with 
attempting to override Texinfo::Parser::_parse_texi_regex with 

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