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Re: Any interest in using HTML for locally-installed Texinfo documentati

From: George Clemmer
Subject: Re: Any interest in using HTML for locally-installed Texinfo documentation?
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2019 17:02:19 -0400
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Hi Gavin,

Gavin Smith <address@hidden> writes:
> A manual with this interface added is at
> https://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/manual/texinfo-html/Overview.html.
> All the important keyboard commands that work in the Info viewers are
> implemented, including index lookup.

Nice! I like seeing Info commands work on WWW-posted doc. This would be
useful to an Emacs/Info user for packages that aren't installed or when
their Info system is broken. To reach the more numerous "non Emacs/Info
users", these commands need to be advertised and promoted. Is there a
plan for this?

WRT the current implementation ...

In Emacs and Info, typing 'h' shows Info keyboard commands. It didn't do
anything visiting this site with CHROME and Safari.

It would be nice if a second 'C-s' advanced to the next match without
requiring <RET>.

'C-s' on the site is so slow that I thought it was broken at first :(

HTH - George

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