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Re: modernizing html output

From: Mathieu Lirzin
Subject: Re: modernizing html output
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2019 23:33:35 +0200
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Hello Gavin,

Gavin Smith <address@hidden> writes:

> On 4/2/19, Mathieu Lirzin <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> I suggest trying just a simple "id selector":
>>>           res = elem.querySelector("#" + linkid);
>>> This should work on any element with a match 'id' attribute.
>>> I'd like us to get away from using <a> element for link definitions.
>>> For example (if we can get makenifo to DTRT):
>>>    <div class="node" id="NODE-ID">...</div>
>> ‘id’ attributes are supposed to be unique [1], as a consequence it seems
>> that there is no need to “querySelect” from a parent element anymore.
>> We could simply use the following:
>>     document.getElementById (linkid)
> Thanks, I changed it.
>> I am glad to see some interest in using and improving ‘texinfo-js’.
> Are any of your blog posts from your webpage
> (http://mathieu.lirzin.emi.u-bordeaux.fr/) still available? I'm
> understanding the code better now I am trying to embed it within
> QWebEngineView.

The website has been shutdown by my former university. The data is
available on my previous laptop. I plan to make those articles available
on the Web again soon.  I will let you know when it is done.


Mathieu Lirzin
GPG: F2A3 8D7E EB2B 6640 5761  070D 0ADE E100 9460 4D37

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