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Support for package names in defvr/deffn

From: Raymond Toy
Subject: Support for package names in defvr/deffn
Date: Sat, 18 May 2019 14:54:34 -0700

In writing/updating an old doc to use texinfo, there are entries like

@defvr Constant extensions:short-float-positive-infinity
@defvrx Constant extensions:short-float-negative-infinity
@defvrx Constant extensions:single-float-positive-infinity

This all works, but the Common Lisp package name "extensions" causes everything to be added to the index all at the same place.  Is there a way to make this ignore the package name "extensions". The old latex doc that this came used a macro to have an optional package name that was used for printing, but the index only included the symbol name.

Anything like that for texinfo?


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