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Math in texinfo files?

From: Raymond Toy
Subject: Math in texinfo files?
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:39:47 -0800

I'm currently trying to write nice equations in some texinfo files.  I've been using MathJax to generate the formulas for the html version of the doc.  However, since the TeX version of the doc doesn't use LaTeX, I have to either have different formulas for the html version and TeX version.  Sometimes I can use the same if I remember how to write a plain-TeX version that will work in MathJax.  But LaTeX with AMSTeX is so much easier to get equations arranged nicely.

Any way to get that?  I'm assuming not since the TeX version really is just plain-TeX.

(Does any one really use plain TeX anymore?)


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