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formatting_fr_icons test

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: formatting_fr_icons test
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 14:35:15 +0000
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Among the many changes to the test results that happened there (in commit
0c6f9bba0c2e) there was a change to


I hadn't gotten round to investigating but there were problems with that
test after I updated the translations.  I only knew about it because of
the OpenCSW build farm:


Among the changes to the test results, there is this change:

-<dt id="index-titlepage-d_002d_002deffn_005fname"><span 
class="category">c--ategory&nbsp;: </span><span><strong>d--effn_name</strong> 
<em>a--rguments...</em><a href='#index-titlepage-d_002d_002deffn_005fname' 
class='copiable-anchor'> &para;</a></span></dt>
+<dt id="index-titlepage-d_002d_002deffn_005fname"><span 
class="category">c--ategory: </span><span><strong>d--effn_name</strong> 
<em>a--rguments...</em><a href='#index-titlepage-d_002d_002deffn_005fname' 
class='copiable-anchor'> &para;</a></span></dt>

I guess this is wrong as the non-breaking space before the colon has 

I am going to investigate this (and whether the test was failing before this
update) but we need to fix this before anything else.

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