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Re: js-info disabling sidebar for narrow windows (experimental)

From: Raymond Toy
Subject: Re: js-info disabling sidebar for narrow windows (experimental)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 08:05:42 -0800
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>>>>> "Per" == Per Bothner <per@bothner.com> writes:

    Per> A goal was to automatically switch to "narrow" mode on
    Per> smartphones, that isn't working yet.  (Smartphone browsers tend
    Per> to do magic things with "viewport" and zooming, and dealing
    Per> with that needs some more research and experimentation.)

Yeah, that would be awesome.  When I view the html version of some
texinfo docs, the display is rather messed up with tiny fonts in some
cases.  For example, https://cmucl.org/docs/cmu-user/html/index.html
looks great on desktop, but the stuff at the very bottom renders in
super tiny fonts on my phone.

I have played around with making some html pages work nicely on desktop
and mobile, but I'm not a web dev, so it took a lot of googling and
experimenting to get something to look reasonable.  And these were plain
html, not pages generated by texinfo.


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