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Re: Problems with `@anchor` and `@xrefautomaticsectiontitle`

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Problems with `@anchor` and `@xrefautomaticsectiontitle`
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2021 09:01:57 +0100 (CET)

> The problem:
>   In the anchor reference the corresponding section reference title
>   is shown.  IMHO, this doesn't make much sense because it loses
>   context – in the example above, how shall the reader know that she
>   has to look for 'blubb'?  A better solution is to use the anchor
>   node name if #3 of `@xref` is missing, inspite of
>   `@xrefautomaticsectiontitle on`.
>   Note that for automatically generated `@xref` entries (as we have
>   in LilyPond's 'Internal Reference' manual) it is not possible to
>   manually provide a third argument; it would be thus quite valuable
>   if the default could be improved.

After some thinking I believe that this is not only a problem but a
real bug, as the attached enhanced example shows.

PNG image

\input texinfo.tex

@xrefautomaticsectiontitle on

@node foo_bar
@chapter Foo_Bar




@code{@@xrefautomaticsectiontitle off}
@xrefautomaticsectiontitle off

@code{@@ref@{blubb@}}: @ref{blubb}

@code{@@ref@{foo_bar@}}: @ref{foo_bar}

@code{@@xrefautomaticsectiontitle on}
@xrefautomaticsectiontitle on

@code{@@ref@{blubb@}}: @ref{blubb}

@code{@@ref@{foo_bar@}}: @ref{foo_bar}


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