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Re: js-info polishing

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: js-info polishing
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 10:52:08 +0000
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On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 10:03:49PM -0800, Per Bothner wrote:
> I think I've gotten my changes to the js-info reader to a state where it
> can be checked in.  See attachment.
> In addition to the a "Hide sidebar"/"Show sidebar" button (lower left),
> there is also magic to handle narrows screen better, including auto-hide
> of the sidebar.
>       * js/info.js: Add button to show/hide sidebar.  Other polishing.
>       (Sidebar): Create show/hide button.
>       (on_click): Handle clicks on show/hide button.
>       Also automatically hide sidebar on click when narrow.
>       (Sidebar): Copy _href property when copying ToC.
>       * js/info.css: Various adjustments and tricks to make it work.
> This is the DomTerm manual with some extra DomTerm css style tweaks.
> https://per.bothner.com/tmp/DomTerm-txjs/
> This is the same manual with just the default styling from info.css:
> https://per.bothner.com/tmp/DomTerm-txjs-plain

The sidebar wobbling doesn't happen for the second of your links.

The hide/show sidebar button doesn't work on the first of your
links but does work on the second (DomTerm-txjs-plain).

For the second link,
when I narrowed the browser window and clicked on a link, I got
a plain version of the website, with no JavaScript.   The sidebar
didn't come back after I clicked on a second link.

For the first link, the sidebar didn't go away at all.

Clearly automatic sidebar hiding is more than polishing.  Maybe it would
be easier and more reliable just to provide a button for the user to use

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