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Re: texinfo-6.7.90 pretest on Solaris

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: texinfo-6.7.90 pretest on Solaris
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2021 22:14:33 +0100
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> >> How come that the 'texindex' script is not executable? The Makefile has
> >> built the 'texindex' script like this:
> >>
> >> Making all in texindex
> >> sed -e 's,[@]pkgdatadir[@],/home/haible/prefix-sparc64/share/texinfo,g'  
> >> -e 's,[@]TI_AWK[@],awk,g'  -e 's,[@]PACKAGE[@],texinfo,g'  -e 
> >> 's,[@][@]*VERSION[@][@]*,6.7.90,g' <../../texindex/texindex.in >texindex
> >> chmod +x ../../texindex/texindex
> >>     
> >
> > I don't understand how that is possible as
> > "chmod +x texindex" is hard-coded in the Makefile.
> >   
> VPATH can bring along quite a bit of magic in some makes.  From 
> (make)Missing:
>    * In System V and 4.3 BSD `make', files found by `VPATH' search
>      (*note Searching Directories for Prerequisites: Directory Search.)
>      have their names changed inside command strings.  We feel it is
>      much cleaner to always use automatic variables and thus make this
>      feature obsolete.

Jacob is right: it's the quite peculiar VPATH "support" in Solaris 'make'
that does this (changing 'target' to '$(srcdir)/target' in the command).

Solaris 'make' is the only one that this. BSD 'make' either don't support
VPATH or do it reasonably.


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