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Texinfo::Convert::HTML_convert_image_command bug

From: wlharvey4
Subject: Texinfo::Convert::HTML_convert_image_command bug
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 00:25:40 -0700

sub _convert_image_command has a couple of bugs.

There are a couple of lines that assign to $image_file the concatenation 
$basefile.$extension.  However, the concatenation needs to be quoted; e.g.  
$image_file = “$basefile.$extension”.  Otherwise it is a concatenation of two 
strings without the dot, and produces an error: e.g. when $basefile := abc, and 
$extension := svg, then the $image_file := “abcsvg", instead of the intended 

This occurs on lines 1814 and 1820.


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