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Re: texi to epub

From: Per Bothner
Subject: Re: texi to epub
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2021 15:30:26 -0800
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On 12/18/21 14:20, Patrice Dumas wrote:
I tried that with the https://validator.w3.org/, also using .xhtml as
extension as it seems that it is what makes the w3c validator consider
that it is XML, with and without <?xml?>, and I get:
     Schema Error: XML document with no namespace; cannot determine any schema 
to use for validation.


Also, what could I use for offline validation?  The w3c-markup-validator
package does not seem to handle HTML5, and the vnu 
validator does not seem to be packages in debian.

I don't know if people even use old-style XML/HTML validators these days,
or if there are good free validators that match modern html.  Anything
that uses a DTD would seem to have limited usefulness.

The W3C Markup Validator (https://github.com/w3c/markup-validator/)
suggests the NU Validator (https://github.com/validator/validator/) for HTML5.
Maybe try the online version first: https://validator.w3.org/nu/
If it seems helpful you can download and build a local version.
        --Per Bothner
per@bothner.com   http://per.bothner.com/

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