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Re: Directory names hard-coded in Texinfo Perl scripts

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: Directory names hard-coded in Texinfo Perl scripts
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 10:56:36 +0000

On Sun, Dec 19, 2021 at 2:17 AM Nikolay Kudryavtsev
<nikolay.kudryavtsev@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes "Can't locate Texinfo/ModulePath.pm" is the error message.
> Sorry, maybe I should have joined in and corrected immediately, but the
> latest working version is actually 6.5, not 6.6, I do not have a 6.6
> binary in my collection, so I had no knowledge if this problem exists there.
> As to how 6.5 works, it has this rather confusing looking piece of code
> at makeinfo:85:
>      # try to make package relocatable, will only work if
>      # standard relative paths are used
>      if (! -f File::Spec->catfile($lib_dir, 'Texinfo', 'Parser.pm')
>          and -f File::Spec->catfile($command_directory, $updir, 'share',
>                                     'texinfo', 'Texinfo', 'Parser.pm')) {
>        $lib_dir = File::Spec->catdir($command_directory, $updir,
>                                            'share', 'texinfo');
>      }
> So it checks if Parser.pm exists using the absolute path and if not, but
> it does using the relative path, it uses that one instead.

I found the commit 8ce0362256ce7809c1dfab9c1f0bd9a80e9adf27 from August 2018.

I would have to test if this code still works and if loadable XS
modules can also be found.

I can try to make this work (it may be as simple as reinstating the
above lines) but can't promise anything as this is an extra
complication above what is normally done with installed programs.

Do other programs from ezwinports not have the same issue with finding
installed files?

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