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Re: Mention how to unindent footnotes

From: 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: Mention how to unindent footnotes
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 06:15:26 +0800

>>>>> "AMS" == Alfred M Szmidt <ams@gnu.org> writes:
AMS>    On
AMS>    (info "(texinfo) Footnote Styles")
AMS>    (info "(texinfo) @paragraphindent")
AMS>    mention how to unindent footnotes.
AMS>    $ makeinfo --plaintext --set-customization-variable paragraphindent=0
AMS>    doesn't work.

AMS> Your invokation of makeinfo is incorrect, so what do you expect? GNU
AMS> makeinfo takes a mandatory file name as an argument.

Does not!:
$ makeinfo --plaintext --set-customization-variable paragraphindent=0 < 

AMS>    Or mention that 'sorry, it is impossible. Use sed or awk etc.'

AMS> It is mentioned, in the error message.

No error message above.

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