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plan and questions for change in attributes for stricter HTML

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: plan and questions for change in attributes for stricter HTML
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 21:32:48 +0100


I think that it would make sense to do stricter HTML4 that is also
relevant for HTML5, and should also improve validity as XHTML 1.*.

For attributes that are deprecated and were not readded in HTML5, here
is what I propose.  I know very little about CSS, so do not hesitate to
criticize.  There are also cases which I don't know how to solve, for
the more knowledgable in CSS.

For div, p and h* there is no align attribute anymore, my plan is to
replace by CSS, using class names such as center-align, left-align
and CSS style like:

I propose to replace <hr size="6"> with <hr style="height: 6px;">.

I did not find what to do for CSS with <dl compact="compact">, unless
you have ideas, I would suggest simply dropping compact="compact".

Another attribute that seems to have disappeared is width for th and td.
We need this one, to use it in multitable like 
  <tbody><tr><td width="40%">multitable item</td><td width="60%">multitable 

Does anybody have an idea on what should be the replacement?  There
seems to be something like 

  <col style="width:40%">

but it seems to me not to be compatible with HTML4, so I think that we
should wait before going in that direction.  Since it was removed in
strict HTML4, there should be something compatible with both HTML4 and


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