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Copiable anchor links in gcc manual

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Copiable anchor links in gcc manual
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2022 13:27:00 +0100

(Please CC bug-texinfo@gnu.org in replies to this email.)

The current gcc web documentation (for gcc 12.1, released May 2022)
doesn't include copiable hyperlinks for some parts of the manual, as
the manual was generated with an older version of Texinfo, 6.5:


It was also the case for some other versions that I checked, such as
gcc 10.4 (released 28th June, 2022).

People were asking for links in the Texinfo HTML manual that could be
copied to use as links to parts of manuals. See e.g.


This was implemented in Texinfo 6.8, released 3rd July, 2021. See for
example any of the options listed on this page:


Hovering over the options should make a ΒΆ sign appear which can be
copied to give a link.

Is there anybody who can regenerate the gcc manuals with Texinfo 6.8
and upload the results to the website (and/or inform me of any issues
or possible improvements)?

I'm hoping we can get a new Texinfo release made in the next month or
two and any issues with this feature would be top agenda.

I'm not subscribed to the gcc list so if this message doesn't get
through there, would any of the recipients be able to forward this
message to the interested people?

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