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Emacs texinfo-format-buffer and Info file without tag table

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: Emacs texinfo-format-buffer and Info file without tag table
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 10:42:06 +0200


This may be a question to Emacs developpers instead, but my guess is
that most may be on this list too, and that it is relevant to discuss
this issue in the context of this list, because it is actually an Info
format issue.

In the Texinfo manual it is said, in "Tag Files and Split Files" that
  If a Texinfo file has more than 30,000 bytes, texinfo-format-buffer 
automatically creates a tag table for its Info file

Which means that it the Texinfo file has less than 30,000 bytes, there
won't be any tag table.  Is it still true?  If it is not true, I can
update the documentation.

But if it is true, it is problematic as the resulting Info file would
not follow the Info format specification which is described in the
Texinfo manual appendix.  My view is that it should be the
texinfo-format-buffer command that should be changed (as well as other
Emacs commands that could have a similar effect), but other may
disagree.  If it is ok to have an Info file without Tag table, however,
the Info format specification in the Texinfo manual needs to be updated to
be accurate, and, in that case, it would be nice to have input from Emacs
developers/users who know what is the format of in Info file without
tag table.


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