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Re: behavior of @math with HTML output

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: Re: behavior of @math with HTML output
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2022 14:30:21 +0200

On Fri, Oct 14, 2022 at 12:40:08AM +0200, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
>   * Concerning t4h,
>       @math{@var{base} \le 16},
>     yields "@varbase ≤ 16 ,", so @var doesn't work (while it is needed
>     to ensure exactly the same typography/code as outside @math, e.g.
>     <var>base</var>) and there is a spurious space before the comma.

Indeed, tex4ht adds spaces around $...$ formatted.  I removed them, it
should be fixed now.  Thanks for the report.


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