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info: memory exhausted for processing python3.10.info

From: Hilmar Preuße
Subject: info: memory exhausted for processing python3.10.info
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 22:20:03 +0200
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Dear maintainers,

info runs out of memory when trying to dump python3.10 docs on stdout:

   $ dpkg-query -W python3.10-doc
   python3.10-doc    3.10.7-2

   $ info python3.10 > /dev/null
   info: memory exhausted

This is for reproduction on a Debian unstable system. I used a 32bit system having 2GB physical RAM. During processing the RSS size raised to 1.8 GB. Yes, that info page is huge (4.5 MB compressed), nevertheless I would not expect such a huge mem utilization for processing. I could reproduce the issue using the latest git checkout.

Please be so kind to have a look at the issue.


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