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Re: mingw-w64 CR handling

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: mingw-w64 CR handling
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2022 12:25:59 +0200

Gavin Smith wrote:
> In info.c the file name is printed with a simple printf:
>             printf ("%s\n", ref_list[i]->filename);
> We don't deal with line endings or "text mode" at all here - just
> printing a string to stdout in the most straightforward way.
> It appears that there is some disconnect between the compiler and
> grep on mingw-w64.

Yes. The compiler's runtime prints a newline as <CR><LF> by default,
where the 'grep' program is POSIX-compliant (no special handling of CR/LF).

> hello | grep 'world$'
> would fail?

Yes, it does:

$ ./hello | od -t c
0000000   H   e   l   l   o       w   o   r   l   d  \r  \n

> Yes but I'd rather not complicate the code to deal with <CR>s.

OK; that's a different approach to testing than the one I use.

In my packages, I assume a POSIX-compliant environment (grep, awk, etc.)
and filter out CRs *only* from the output of the programs that are part
of my package.

It is also possible to do like Eli does: Use special mingw versions of
the tools (grep, awk, etc.). I believe that in this case you globally
have to handle fewer CRLF problems, but you have them also in other
places than the output of your own programs.


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