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texinfo-6.8.91 pretest

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: texinfo-6.8.91 pretest
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2022 19:59:44 +0100

We have uploaded the next pretest for the Texinfo 7.0 release to


There have been many changes since the previous release (see below),
but among the most notable are the addition of LaTeX and EPUB 3 as
texi2any output formats.  This release should build easily with
glibc 2.34, and the 'info' program does not crash immediately in a
Brazilian Portuguese locale.

We make these pretest releases to encourage wider testing before a

Many thanks to those who tested and reported problems for the previous
pretest, as well as to the translators at the Translation Project.

Please send any comments to <bug-texinfo@gnu.org>.

Here is list of some changes since the last pretest:

* A change has been made to the way locale settings (LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES,
  LC_CTYPE) are set inside texi2any.  This should fix test failures on
  some systems (DragonFlyBSD 5.9, macOS 10.13).
* Avoid $< in Makefile rule, which doesn't work on NetBSD
* Gnulib update to avoid error message related to "static_assert"
  on Solaris 11.4
* Info files fixed to include correct 'dir' entries
* Check that the 'awk' program for running texindex is not archaic, as
  on Solaris 11.4
* Use \[ and \] in LaTeX output instead of $$ and $$
* info and install-info test suite changes to accommodate CR-LF line
  endings being produced on mingw-w64
* Fix EPUB 3 code that was erroneously producing backslashes as file name
  separators on MS-Windows
* On MS-Windows, skip several tests involving character encodings in
  file names
* In Perl extension (XS) modules, avoid mixing definitions of 'free'
  function.  This fixes the build on MS-Windows.
* Try to avoid some Gnulib redefinitions of Posix functions on MS-Windows
* Work-around added for non-presence of I18N::Langinfo module on MS-Windows
* Do not pass -w flag to 'prove' program in tests, as it doesn't exist for
  older versions
* Various fixes and rewordings in the documentation
* texi2any may be slightly faster
* The release size is smaller

Problems reported since the last pretest that we weren't able to fix:

* Failure of info/t/dir-file-sloppily.pl on Solaris 11 OmniOS
  and Solaris 11 OpenIndiana

Full news:

* texi2any
 . LaTeX added as an output format, selected with --latex
 . EPUB 3 added as an output format, selected with --epub3
 . reform throughout the code in general
 . thorough review of character encoding issues
 . new customization variables involved with character encoding:
 . warn if full-text commands (@ref, @footnote, @anchor) appear in @w
 . new variable NO_TOP_NODE_OUTPUT
 . IGNORE_BEFORE_SETFILENAME variable removed.  former effect
   is now always on.
 . HTML output:
       NO_CUSTOM_HTML_ATTRIBUTE variables added that can be used to output
       valid XHTML.
     . new variable IGNORE_REF_TO_TOP_NODE_UP
     . use manual_name_html as output directory for split HTML instead of
       manual_name or manual_name.html
     . default DOCTYPE declaration changed to plain HTML5 style rather than
       HTML4 DTD reference
     . output only the CSS rules that are needed in an output file
     . remove CSS_LINES variable and add SHOW_BUILTIN_CSS_RULES
       (custom CSS can still be output using EXTRA_HEAD)
     . use <code> tag for the output of @t and @verb instead of <tt>
     . use <abbr> for @acronym instead of <acronym>
     . percent encode URL in @url/@uref, @email, @image and external manual
     . systematic addition of classes attribute in HTML elements based on the
       Texinfo @-command names.  renaming of class attributes to avoid
       confusion with @-commands formatting and describe the role in the
       document rather than the formatting style.
     . prefix classes from @example arguments with `user-'
     . do not add a title by default; SHOW_TITLE has to be set
       (or NO_TOP_NODE_OUTPUT).
     . default value of USE_TITLEPAGE_FOR_TITLE is now true.
     . L2H variable removed.  replaced by HTML_MATH set to l2h.
     . rename OVERVIEW_LINK_TO_TOC to SHORT_TOC_LINK_TO_TOC, and rename
     . new variable CONVERT_TO_LATEX_IN_MATH
     . link to table of contents from short table of contents only if a
       table of contents is actually output
 . DocBook output:
     . do not output Top node nor text before the first @node or sectioning
       @-command.  NO_TOP_NODE_OUTPUT can be set to false to output Top node
       for now.
     . replace @definfocenlose defined @-commands by the argument as-is
       to be more consistent with printed output.
 . HTML/DocBook output:
     . meaning of USE_NUMERIC_ENTITY changed to be using numeric entities in
       priority.  former effect is now always on.
     . ENABLE_ENCODING_USE_ENTITY variable removed.  former effect is now
       always off.
 . info output
     . quote problematic node names (with :, comma...) by default
     . new customization variable ASCII_PUNCTUATION to use plain ASCII
       characters for quotation marks and a few other symbols

* texi2any, texinfo.tex
 . for @deftype* commands, use typewriter font in argument list

* texinfo.tex
  . `@microtype on' uses microtypography in formatting for pdfTeX and LuaTeX
  . do not ignore @part page immediately following Top node
  . for @deftype* commands, use typewriter font in argument list
  . do `@set txicodevaristt' to get slanted typewriter for @var in code,
    `@clear txicodevaristt' to use slanted, variable-width roman font for
    @var everywhere.  flag is @set by default, but we plan to turn this
    off in the future.
  . new file doc/texinfo-zh.tex for Texinfo documents in Chinese.
    new support file doc/txi-zh.tex for Chinese.  doc/short-sample-zh.texi is
    a sample document.

* info
  . better support for index entries containing parentheses
  . better support for getting bold text etc. when displaying manpages
  . bug fixed where the first index entry in a file could be ignored
  . M-C-f closes as well as opens footnotes window
  . do not crash if run in Brazilian Portuguese locale

* Language
  . new commands @latex, @iflatex, @ifnotlatex for new LaTeX output format
  . do `@set txidefnamenospace' to omit space after a definition name

* Other
  . build fixed for glibc 2.34

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