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RE: Some object serialization problems for discussion(3)-ObjectI nputSt

From: Wu, Gansha
Subject: RE: Some object serialization problems for discussion(3)-ObjectI nputStream
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 10:59:42 +0800

Thanks, Bryce,
      I've read the diff file you send me, it really mentioned the bugs I 
listed in one of my previous 
posts, and as you've said, it contains very much information about the 
difference of implementation 
of some functionalities between classpath and libgcj, such as:
      libgcj implements callReadObject, callWriteObject in java, but classpath 
demands native to 
do them;
      libgcj implements getXXXField in java which in turn calls native 
getField, but classpath demands
 native to do them;
      ... ...
      But I believe there're some other patches I posted or will post that 
aren't included in the diff. Of 
course maybe my patches are wrong, but a discussion about them will lead to a 
clearer view of them.
      BTW, because of legacy problems, we couldn't port to libgcj's 
implementation so easily. 
      We really like those changes like BigInteger, libgcj removed native 
dependency in BigInteger, and
 we hope BigInteger (and the like) in classpath will be merged back into 
classpath ASAP;
     We also like libgcj will add those parts classpath haven't implemented 
into classpath, e.g,*, it's very important to run some biz apps;
     But to those which involved changes of native interfaces, it's a burden 
for us to change VM part. 
     So could you, or other guys, give me a message how would the merge of 
libgcj and classpath progress? 

Thanks again,
Best regards...

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From: Bryce McKinlay [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 2001?8?3? 10:02
To: Wu, Gansha
Cc: 'address@hidden'
Subject: Re: Some object serialization problems for 

Hi Gansha,

I think that we have already fixed this (among other things) in the libjava 
tree. Regrettably we
have not yet merged the changes back into classpath - the merge is non-trivial 
due to differences in
the native methods etc in the serialization classes.

I've attached a diff of the changes in the libjava tree, along with a small 
serialization test
program. If anyone could help out by merging and testing these changes into the 
classpath tree I'd
appreciate it!



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