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Re: java.nio.charset

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: java.nio.charset
Date: 03 Aug 2001 17:54:24 -0600

>>>>> "Takashi" == Takashi Okamoto <address@hidden> writes:

Takashi> Yes, I am. What should I do?
Takashi> I have never contributed the code to FSF.

I will send you the paperwork off-list.

>> Any chance of you changing this into a Mauve test?

Takashi> I don't know about Mauve so much. 
Takashi> Which directory should I place it?
Takashi> Is it test/java.nio or testsuite/java.nio?

Mauve is a separate project that is writing a test suite for the Java
Class Libraries:

The web page is not updated frequently.  (As in, in years :-)
The Mauve layout is straightforward, I think.  Also, writing a test
for Mauve is pretty easy.


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