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Re: ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream problems(6)

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream problems(6)
Date: 06 Aug 2001 14:38:15 -0600

>>>>> "Gansha" == Wu, Gansha <address@hidden> writes:

Gansha> BTW, I saw in Classpath's mail achieve there's a discussion
Gansha> about "Serialization and Sun" early in 1998, and no further
Gansha> discussion by now. When I read the source, it seems that
Gansha> Classpath is doing the work that makes serialization layout
Gansha> compatible with Sun JDK.  I think it's reasonable when
Gansha> considering interoperable in some areas such as RMI. How about
Gansha> the decisions and progress?

Warren Levy did a serialization audit of libgcj a while back (I think
last year).  He went through and made all the classes compatible with
Sun's serialization.  This is a significant amount of work.  Some of
this affected Classpath (I'm guessing that it affected classes which
were merged), but to my knowledge Classpath hasn't had a complete
audit along these lines.

About RMI: there is a free RMI implementation, from Transvirtual, that
we can integrate into Classpath and libgcj.  However, nobody has done
the work to integrate it yet.


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