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Re: Fw: java.lang.Constructor conformance

From: Dave Roberts
Subject: Re: Fw: java.lang.Constructor conformance
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 08:24:51 -0700

> Dave> 1. Make sure we file the bug on Sun's site to force them to
> Dave> clarify which is correct, their docs or their code.
> Do you have to agree to anything in order to do this?
> I can't agree to many things Sun wants, e.g. the SCSL.
> If I need to do this to enter a bug, then that is not an option for me :-(

I don't think so. If there are, we can have a designated bug filer that is
already tainted. I've already filed a few bugs so I'm already tained.

> I think this is not really viable as an approach.  What if I use
> multiple libraries in my application?  Then changing the
> implementation of something like java.lang.Class could break other
> parts of the code.

Okay, but what's the option? I agree that it could cause problems, but the
way I see it, you're going to get problems no matter what. If you don't put
in the switch, I think the best option would be to be bug compatible with
Sun. There is more code being written and debugged on Sun certified
platforms right now than any other, so all the libraries you are likely to
use will assume that behavior.

> Sun did a pretty good job on the VM spec.  Too bad they blew it on the
> libraries.


-- Dave

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