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Re: Kaffe's RMI library

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Kaffe's RMI library
Date: 21 Aug 2001 19:38:56 -0600

Paul> KAFFE   Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. 2000-10-20
Paul> Assigns Kaffe RMI Library and future changes submitted to the FSF.
Paul> (Tim Wilkinson)

>> I spent some time today looking at the Kaffe RMI.

Etienne> So, are you saying that you intend to include Kaffe's RMI
Etienne> into ClassPath?  Under what license terms?

The same as the rest of Classpath.  My understanding is that TVT
assigned RMI to the FSF for this purpose.

Etienne> 1- Clarifications to the GPL exception (if any)

I don't think anybody is looking at it.

Etienne> 2- AWT relicensing (LGPL -> GPL+Exception

I know there is a discussion going on, but unfortunately I haven't
been directly included in it.  So I don't really know the status.
You'd have to ask RMS.

Etienne> Or, maybe I shouldn't ask such questions because I am not an
Etienne> official Classpath member, and such discussions should be
Etienne> held privately?

I didn't know there was such a thing as official Classpath membership.


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