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FYI: java.util merge

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: FYI: java.util merge
Date: 31 Aug 2001 14:48:18 -0600

I've now merged java.util.* between libgcj and Classpath.

In many cases I found the Classpath implementation to be superior in
some respect.  In other cases I've kept specific pieces of the libgcj
implementation (e.g. where a bug was present or where synchronization
was required).  In some cases the code was identical; I merged these
too on the theory that merging is helpful even for trivial classes
(there might be a bug or a change to the spec in the future; merging
makes it simpler to do less work).

I didn't merge, since the libgcj implementation heavily
relies on native code.

Look in the Classpath and (soon -- the patch isn't in yet) the libgcj
ChangeLogs for the details.

I wrote a simple little script which generates an HTML report
comparing the libgcj and Classpath trees.  I can send it to anybody
who is interested.  You need both trees checked out for it to work.


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