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Re: Missing AWT peer

From: Bryce McKinlay
Subject: Re: Missing AWT peer
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 13:59:45 +1300
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Andreas Rueckert wrote:

Not necessarily.  Any paths seen by ld (e.g. with -L) will not be
automatically searched by the loader (assuming an ELF target).

So each lib directory must be one of the "system" lib dirs or mentioned in
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, unless you also link with -rpath.

All these libs are in /etc/ , so it should work.

Nope. The path to the libraries must be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I believe this is a limitation of dlopen or maybe libtool's ltdl.

Is there any way to
get additional info what lib is missing?

Classpath's reference runtime implementation should throw the missing library name with the UnsatisfiedLinkError. For some reason your stack trace didnt mention it. Which VM is this?

I honestly think that Classpath is ridiculously complex to install. I guess
you're doing a great job, but as it is, noone will notice. Have you ever
thought of creating RPMs for popular Linux distros, or so?

Here is the build procedure I use to get a classpath suitable for use with ORP:

1. create gnu/classpath/ by hand, from 
2. mkdir build
3. javac -d build -classpath .:build `find java gnu vm -name "*.java"`
4. cp gnu/java/locale/*.uni build/gnu/java/locale/
5. cp gnu/java/locale/*.properties build/gnu/java/locale/

I admit that this doesn't help if you want the native libraries, however. The lack of an easy-to-use configure/build is a known problem, and we'd love it if someone were to help fix it.



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