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question about vm/reference files

From: Eric Blake
Subject: question about vm/reference files
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 18:32:14 -0600

What is the reason that some of the VM dependent core .java files are
not located directly in the top tree, while others are?  For example,
java/lang/ is in the main tree, but java/lang/
is only in the vm/reference subtree.

I understand why things like are not in the main
tree, since that is not a public API, even if it does compile to the
java.lang package.  But for compilation 3rd-party projects, jikes needs
a .jar file with all the public APIs, even .class files for things like
Object (where the VM probably never loads the .class file, because the
it just uses native code).  It is annoying to have to look in two places
to build this .jar file.

Would there be anything wrong with moving these .java files from
vm/reference/java/lang to the main tree at java/lang?

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  BYU student, free software programmer

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