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Re: classpath ./ChangeLog java/util/AbstractList.ja...

From: Bryce McKinlay
Subject: Re: classpath ./ChangeLog java/util/AbstractList.ja...
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 19:08:03 +1300
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Eric Blake wrote:

Agreed, and I just committed a patch.

Thanks for the feedback - it's nice to know my work has an audience.

You're welcome!

I also looked at your implementations of removeAll/retainAll in Vector -- nice. But don't you think its odd that there would be optimized implementations in Vector but not ArrayList? I wonder if we should put those in ArrayList as well. In the past I have avoided including any public methods that wern't part of the Javadoc spec, but that was more to help ensure that the implementation worked similarly to Sun's rather than for any real correctness reasons, since of course adding extra virtual methods should not effect binary compatibility in any way in Java. What do you think?



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