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Re: build ideas

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: build ideas
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 18:52:04 +0100

Mark said:
> It would be nice to include a 'classes' file in the release that lists
> all the java source files. Such a file can easily be used with any java
> compiler that supports the "@file" construct (I think almost all do).
> We do have such a file at the moment but it does not seem to be widely
> known. Maybe this is just a documentation issue. But maybe it is not
> very convenient that this files lives in the lib directory and contains
> ../java entries. Move it to the toplevel directory?

Brian replied:

>The documentation probably should mention things like this.  Is there
>a way to exec a javac-like program within the lib directory and use
>the @file syntax without including the relative path as in '../' ?

Not without a script no.

Mark said:
> It would also be nice to have different classes @files for subprojects
> such as jazzlib which contains only the classes or a
> version that excludes all (LGPLed) AWT code, or standalone versions of
> the RMI sources, SQL, etc.
> But if such a subproject also includes some native files we also need
> a easy way to define which native files belong to which subproject.
> It seems libgcj tries to do something like this.

The ClasspathX/Paperclips make file system has tried to address this issue.

In ClasspathX makefiles there is a source file list which describes
all the source files for a particular target. These are automatically
turned into equivalent .class files.

Multiple targets can easily be maintained by simply using multiple
source lists.


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