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address@hidden: Re: [Jikesrvm-researchers] Congratulations on Jikes-RVM

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: address@hidden: Re: [Jikesrvm-researchers] Congratulations on Jikes-RVM 2.0 - questions about licensing.]
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 08:48:01 +0200
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Found on the debian-java mailinglist.

The Jikes VM is interesting because they say it is written mostly in java.
And they encourage to develop a Free Classlibrary for it.
(It would ofcourse be better if we could convince them to donate their
current class library to Classpath.)
I am currently investigating the KissMe VM which is already fairly
integrated with Classpath. If someone else wants to investigate how
hard it would be to support Jikes VM that would be really nice.


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Subject: Re: [Jikesrvm-researchers] Congratulations on Jikes-RVM 2.0 - questions
 about licensing.
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Cc: "Sam Ruby" <address@hidden>, debian-java <address@hidden>,
From: "Michael Hind" <address@hidden>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 22:50:58 -0400


     Thanks for your interest and encouragement regarding Jikes RVM.  The
team is happy to provide a system that others will find useful.

You are correct that the license for the libraries is more restrictive than
the license governing the core RVM.  I agree this is not ideal. The reason
for this is addressed in the Q&A Overview (first link on left navigational
menu), question 12, including here for convenience.

   12. Why are different licenses used for the Jikes RVM and the libraries?

   The Jikes RVM is released under the CPL (Common Public License), which
has been approved
   by the OSI (Open Source Initiative) as a fully certified open source
license. The Jikes RVM was
   written as a test-bed for evaluating new virtual machine technologies.
Research in library issues was
   not a major goal. However, a VM is not useful without a minimal set of
libraries. The libraries
   available with the Jikes RVM were developed independently by developers
at Object Technology
   International, an IBM company. Although the library license is not an
open source license, it does
   facilitate open source development of the RVM. We encourage any users
who would like to
   develop open source libraries that work with Jikes RVM.

You wrote

> I would suggest that a sub-project be started to integrate
> the code from GNU Classpath which should be able to replace the JLibrary

As the last sentence says, we would also encourage such an activity.


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address@hidden (Kevin A. Burton) on
10/24/2001 10:15:45 PM

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Subject:  [Jikesrvm-researchers] Congratulations on Jikes-RVM 2.0 -
      questions about licensing.

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Sorry for the x-post but I think this is relevant to everyone included.


For starters I would like to congratulate IBM and the RVM team on your
RVM 2.0 release (and published white-papers).  This is definitely a great
contribution to the Java and Open Source communities!

Unfortunately, I have issues with the current RVM licensing terms.

Specifically the licensing of the JLibrary package.

This is a very restrictive license and I don't understand why it was chosen
it seems to go against the Open Source nature of the RVM.

This prohibits innovative use of the RVM code.  Specifically integration
GNU Classpath, distribution with Debian GNU/Linux, etc.

Is there anyone at IBM we can talk with about changing the terms of the
package to an Open Source license?  If the problem is a reliance on
code (AKA SUNs code), I would suggest that a sub-project be started to
the code from GNU Classpath which should be able to replace the JLibrary

Again.  Congrats.  I am very excited about the RVM release as I think that
lack of a quality (stable) Open Source JVM is hurting both the Java and
Source communities.



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