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Re: New IO Native Provider Interface

From: Aaron M. Renn
Subject: Re: New IO Native Provider Interface
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 15:41:14 -0600
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Jeroen Frijters (address@hidden) wrote:
> Great job, this is almost exactly like I envisioned it. A few minor
> suggestions:

> - FileOutputStream should not request read access, so the modes should
> be "w" and "a"

Good observation.  Have you actually tested the JDK to see what it
does in this situation?  Is the file actually opened "write only"?

> - write(byte[] buf, long offset, long length) should not use longs for
> offset and length

I take it that you are referring to the Java write() method I added to the
FileDescriptor class and not the nativeWriteBuf() method.  I'm ok with
modifying this.  I do typically want to use longs for native calls.

> - nativeReadByte shouldn't return a long

Why not?  All of the rest of the native methods that return values
return longs.

> - I don't think available() should return negative numbers

Does it?  I certainly didn't intend for it to.

Thanks for the feedback.
Aaron M. Renn (address@hidden)

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