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From: Aaron M. Renn
Subject: More
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 00:52:46 -0600
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Ok, moving on in the gcj/classpath merger.

1.  I'm thinking we should adopt the gcj LineNumberReader.  It appears to
be more efficient.  However, skip() is definitely buggy (inserting regular
skip()'s into your code leads to more lines than the file actually has).
All Mauve tests pass, so I'll try to add an update soon.

2.  On, similar to the FileDescriptor stuff, I'd like to propose
a unified provider interface.  Comments:

o I like to pass the filename to avoid gratuitous JNI lookups.
o I do not want to adopt the "overloaded" stat and access methods of
  gcj, I'd rather have one method per lookup
o I'd like to name consistently with FileDescriptor
o Minimizing native functionality, I want to return a full directory
 listing to Java and filter at that level instead of the gjc approach.

Here's the list.  Please comment.

  static void initNative();
  boolean nativeCreate(String name);
  boolean nativeDelete(String name);
  boolean nativeRename(String src, String dest);
  boolean nativeMkdir(String name);
  boolean nativeGetLastModified(String path);
  boolean nativeSetLastModified(String path);
  long nativeGetLength(String path);
  String nativeGetCanonicalPath(String path);
  boolean nativeExists(String path);
  boolean nativeIsAbsolute(String path);
  boolean nativeIsFile(String path);
  boolean nativeIsDirectory(String path);
  boolean nativeIsHidden(String path);
  boolean nativeCanRead(String path);
  boolean nativeCanWrite(String path);
  boolean nativeSetReadOnly(String path);
  String[] nativeListRoots();
  String[] nativeListDirectory(String path);

Aaron M. Renn (address@hidden)

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