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Re: Re: Want to help in integrating swing.

From: Clemens Eisserer
Subject: Re: Re: Want to help in integrating swing.
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 13:15:28 +0100

Hi there!

I hope this will be the last question for a long time, I've downloaded all 
SWING-Tuts I know and nearly every java-doc provided by sun ;-)

> In theory you could write Swing on top of any AWT implementation.  If
> it can run on Sun's AWT, but still compile in the Classpath tree, then
> I think that would be fine for us.  (If it were done cleanly,
> following the API correctly, etc.)  Someday our AWT would be able to
> run it too.

Sorry, my English is not the best, so I did not exactly understand the question.

Did you mean that I should build it with Classpath's-AWT or with SUNs-AWT?
What I did not understand was the part "but compiles in the classpath tree". 
Does that mean compile using classpath-awt or suns one?

Btw. GridBagLayout will have to wait some time. I want to implement the funpart 
first ;-)

Mfg Linxuhippy

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