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running GNU Classpath with Jikes RVM

From: Raif S. Naffah
Subject: running GNU Classpath with Jikes RVM
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 09:02:36 +1100
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hello there,

i finally got the above combo to work.  here is what i did with the
usual caveat YMMV.  the main difference with Julian's step-by step
posted some time earlier on the list has to do with configuration
values in step #3 below:

1. checkout the CVS head of GNU Classpath, Mauve and Jikes RVM.  i
shall assume the following:

   GNU Classpath is in $CLASSPATH_SRC/classpath
   Jikes RVM is in $RVM_ROOT/rvm

2. cd $RVM_ROOT/rvm/config

3. edit the file i686-pc-linux.eb as follows (my machine/env is an
athlon-xp single processor, running RH-8.0 with experimental GCC in

# PART I: Preprocessor directives that hold for every config on this target
# target architecutre is IA32
export RVM_FOR_IA32=1
export RVM_FOR_32_ADDR=1

# target OS is Linux
export RVM_FOR_LINUX=1

# pthread library will work on our machines so default this to 0.
# NOTE: the key requirement is that you have a 2.4 kernel and
#       that glibc is compiled to use the GS segment register
#       to access pthread-local storage.  See discussion in rvm-researchers 
#       archive and the userguide FAQ.

the rest of the file should reflect your environment.

4. create a .rvmrc somewhere where it's visible from your std $PATH.  i
put it in $HOME.  it must contain the followings:

# .rvmrc

export RVM_ROOT=/data/workspace/cvs/rvmroot
export RVM_HOST_CONFIG=/data/workspace/cvs/rvmroot/rvm/config/i686-pc-linux.eb
export RVM_TARGET_CONFIG=/data/workspace/cvs/rvmroot/rvm/config/i686-pc-linux.eb
export RVM_BUILD=/data/workspace/cvs/build-rvm
export PATH=/data/workspace/cvs/rvmroot/rvm/bin:$PATH

5. source the above.

6. run the JikesRVM config script like so:

jconfigure -D RVM_WITH_GNU_CLASSPATH=1 BaseBaseSemiSpace

7. cd to $RVM_BUILD

8. run the build script like so:


optionally feeding it -trace

9. configure and run Mauve the usual way.

i do get an out-of-memory error and a stack trace, but that's much
better than a hang.

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