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Re: [PATCH] fixes to swing button implementation

From: Sascha Brawer
Subject: Re: [PATCH] fixes to swing button implementation
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 08:04:22 +0100

Michael Koch <address@hidden> wrote on Tue, 6 Jan 2004 22:27:25 +0100:

graydon>+  // ChangeEvents are not AWTEvents, can't use multicaster
graydon>+  Vector changeListeners = new Vector ();

Sascha> it probably would be advisable to use
Sascha> javax.swing.event.EventListenerList instead of Vector.

Michael> The EventListenerList stuff is already on my disc since
Michael> some time for most JContainer subclasses. I said graydon
Michael> not to do it.

"it" = using EventListenerList? Why not -- is there some problem with
that class?

-- Sascha

Sascha Brawer, address@hidden, 

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