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Re: [PATCH] new font model for awt / java2d

From: Scott Gilbertson
Subject: Re: [PATCH] new font model for awt / java2d
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 17:18:22 -0500

> Scott Gilbertson wrote:
> > Do you suppose we should have a pure java subclass of ClasspathToolkit
> > which to subclass XToolkit), or do I need to go ahead and get XToolkit
> > work as a subclass of ClasspathToolkit?

to which Graydon Hoare replied:
> hmm. tricky. the obvious ways forward that I can see for you are:
>    - make a ClasspathFontPeer with a special subclass name, which your
>      toolkit generates and your Graphics object recognizes, which only
>      supports the pre-1.4 semantics (which is broadly compatible with
>      the view of fonts available to xlib), and explodes when the user
>      tries to call any fancy new stuff. this would mostly be an
>      API-mapping task, with a bunch of cases that map to "throw ...".

Thanks for the suggestions.  I guess the one reproduced above is the
simplest way to go.  I roughed something in today along those lines, but it
just crashes in a different place now (in the font metrics cache).  I'll
have to revert to the previous gcj/libjava code for a while, until I can
schedule a day or so to make a working implementation (next week I hope).
In the meantime nobody's beating down my door for xlib peer updates, and my
embedded app was working fine on the older code.

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