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FOSDEM report

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: FOSDEM report
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 17:42:52 +0100

Hi all,

FOSDEM was really, really nice!

There were between 20 and 50 people following the different
presentations, talks and discussions in our developer room. And Tom
Tromey his talk on gcj in the big room got 120 interested people.
There was a surprize talk on JDesktop. And Sascha stayed up till 4am on
Saturday night to create a Free Java & Security talk to help out the
organisation when at the last minute one of the original talks in the
security track couldn't be given. (With thanks to Dalibor and Chris for
input and to everybody else who started up their laptops late at night
to check various methods to hang and/or crash the various VMs.) This
talk also seemed to be well received. And we got a couple of people
interested in helping out on the various projects.

The presentation that I prepared with Sascha is online at:

It makes nice material when you want to present something on GNU
Classpath or on one of the other free java-like projects in the future.
If other presentations are also online, please post them to the list.

I also made a flyer to attract some people to the talks that can be
adapted for future events (but make sure you spell Februari and Saterday
correctly on your version... sigh)

I told the FOSDEM organizers how much all their organisational work was
appreciated and especially how nice the buffet on Saturday night was.
There was so much energy in the room and so much discussion and
interaction between Free Software developers of different groups and
projects. (For example Petter Reinholdtsen one of the original Japhar
developers was there.)

We could have had more in depth technical discussions. Most of the
presentations now were more overviews of what was already there. Which
is great for attracting new developers and explaining our goals to
outsiders. But for next time we must really appoint people that lead
some technical issue. Many thanks to Andrew for just standing up and
starting the pluggable JIT interface discussion by telling how gcj would
like to support it.

One thing I completely forgot was organising some key-signing between
the developers. That would have been really nice to get a tighter
web-of-trust, especially since savannah CVS will in the future support
signed commits. Next time hackers meet be sure to have some fingerprints
on you so you can sign each others keys.

But all in all the meeting was a great success.
Thanks all that attended and hopefully we will meet again in the future.

There were also some photos taken so you might actually find out how
some of our hackers look in the near future :)

Some people said that they didn't know that some of us virtually meet
from time to time on irc. So please join #classpath, #kaffe or #sablevm
on or #gcj on next time you have internet



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