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Error handling in RMI server code

From: Ilya Perminov
Subject: Error handling in RMI server code
Date: 13 Sep 2004 11:46:13 -0700
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The RMI server code does not propagate Errors to RMI clients.
I found why. There are two bugs:
1. UnicastServerRef.incomingMessageCall casts 
   InvocationTargetException.getTargetException () to Exception. 
   It fails when getTargetException () returns an Error.
2. UnicastServer.incomingMessageCall does not have a handler for Errors.
   According to RMI spec. Errors in a remote method should be caught,
   wrapped in ServerError and send to the client.
I fixed these bugs. A patch is attached. Can somebody apply it?
Also, please close my bug report


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