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implementing "historical" character encoding names

From: Noa Resare
Subject: implementing "historical" character encoding names
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 19:25:28 +0200

Hello friends

OutputStreamWriter.getEncoding() is documented in Sun's 1.4.2 apidocs to
return the "historical" name of the used encoding. In the
java.nio.charset.Charset docs "historical name" is defined as
"Some charsets have an historical name that is defined for compatibility
with previous versions of the Java platform." I couldn't find any more
information about the historical encoding names (such as a list) in the
api specification.

Is running a program like the one attached below in Sun's java an ok way
of gathering the information needed to implement the "historical
charset" functionality?

If nothing unforeseen happens I might be contributing code to classpath
in the future. Where can I find the copyright assignment document
discussed in the Hackers Guide?


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