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Re: implementing java.beans.XMLDecoder

From: Mark Wielaard
Subject: Re: implementing java.beans.XMLDecoder
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 20:16:56 +0200

Hi Robert,

On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 19:11, Robert Schuster wrote:
> I am observing gnu classpath now for some time and was lately able to 
> run it on my system using JamVM. I tested its functionality 
> interactively using beanshell and have to admit that I am impressed! 

Thanks! That is nice to hear.
And please tell about anything you would expect to work, but that
doesn't. We know things are missing, but we don't always know which
parts should have the highest priority to add to GNU Classpath first.

> It is not the first time that I thought about helping the classpath 
> project but found nothing to start with. However I am developing a game 
> in Java ( and want to see it working on a Free 
> VM.

Nice! We need more free games.

> I decided to start by implementing the java.beans.XMLDecoder class 
> because that is used extensively by that game. Later on I will try to 
> complete the java.beans package but this purely future talk (atm).
> And now some questions:
> Is anyone already working on this and wants to send me her/his patches?

AFAIK java.beans is not that bad, but nobody is working on it at the
moment. So this is a very good part of GNU Classpath to work on.

> Is it ok to rely on javax.xml.*.* packages although GNU jaxp is not 
> included in Classpath anymore?

Certainly. We will probably add it back if we have new classes depending
on it so keep GNU Classpath self contained. At the moment no other core
classes use it. But for example java.util.prefs probably should (it uses
a hand written and probably slightly broken xml reader/writer atm).

> Am I allowed to study and analyse the output of Sun's implementation of 
> XMLEncoder (eg. XML files written using it) and/or the information given 
> here to 
> write the cleanroom implementation?

Any publicly published information that normal developers would use when
developing a program based on the library is fair play when creating a
free compatible replacement. It is better to use the article you mention
that describes how it should work than compare the output of another
implementation (another implementation could be buggy and not work
according to the documentation).

> I have read the Classpath Hackers Guide and will try to write good Free 
> software along with documentation and test cases.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about this.
Hopefully our Hacker Guide is fairly complete. But I am sure there are
parts that are not documented.

> For the records: I have not studied, analysed or decompiled any classes 
> of Sun's implementation of the Java SDK. I have not signed any
> non-disclosure agreements with that company. I give the copyright of all 
> my contributions for GNU classpath to the Free Software Foundation.
> My passport says I am "Robert Schuster" :-)

Thank you very much. I'll email you the appropriate forms asap.



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